Monday, December 24, 2007


Merry Christmas Eve Morning!!
I must run outta here & do some shopping before the BIG NIGHT!
I'll be back later!

Friday, December 14, 2007


I've ALWAYS loved Fridays! I hope your having a terrific day!

Here's my latest designs! A Primitive Cupid doll with his Arrow & a very Prim Leprachaun. I just love how both of these turned out. SO PRIMTASTIC! And so easy to make! The Leprachaun is kind of time consuming...but still easy to make!

Cupid with Arrow
Leprachaun - 3 day auction only

Since my good friend Trudy of Crows In the Attic Primitives ALREADY TAGGED ME, I shall list 5 things about myself.

1. I don't like talking on the phone. I blame that on being a Travel Agent for 20 years & I would rip my phone out & throw it away if I didn't "need it"--now & then!!
2. I love staying home -- especially in the winter when its COLD outside. I work from my home so I really don't have too many reasons to leave!!
3. I love my 2 cats. They are my "kids."
4. I use to be a "bar fly" in my younger years. Loved LOUD, LOUD, LOUDER rock music. Now, I like peaceful living. Hate loud noises.
5. I sit outside in the summertime with my boyfriend in our "outdoor rocking chairs" and watch the birds while drinking our coffee at the crack of dawn. So peaceful & quiet at that time since most people are sleeping!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday....A new day I must thank my good friend Trudy of "Crows In The Attic Primitives" for pushing me to join. Without the push, I'd still be "heeing & hawing" about.

It's a new day and I feel a little more refresh than last night when I started this blogging. So what can I come up with today! I'll show you..........

If your a PATTERN LOVER, start checking under the PRIMITIVE & FOLKART FOLKS and click on my name CROWS ROOST PRIMS, you will find epattern specials for: $3.00, $1.00 & $0.50. Start checking there often!

For those who don't know my work, this is my latest creation that I made for an Ornament swap this year. I call them SIMPLY PRECIOUS ANGELS (shown above.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Here I am
To share my thoughts & scribbles.
I should have something interesting
to share with you in the very near future -
THAT'S IF you like to sew.