Monday, January 8, 2018

Bunsy is an OOAK-one of a kind, painted and EXTREMELY PRIMITIVE, aged canvas and rag stuffed doll with lots of detail.  Hardwood dowel ½ inch wide x 12 inch inside head-body.
Newly made to look old with snags, holes-some repaired with floss and patches.  She’s approx. 31 inches tall from head (not ears) to toe.  She has fabric + floss eyes, fuzzy eyebrows, aged stuffed quilt nose, painted centers of ears, floss mouth and teeth and fuzzy cheeks and twine whiskers.  Wears a burlap bonnet with pinkish fabric sewn across the brim.  She wears an aged blue burlap one piece outfit with pinkish fabric around shoulders.  Has a “fanny pak” tied around her waist with aged lace—aged canvas fabric (has print of cotton buds) pak with 2 painted and aged canvas eggs and Easter grass.  Has aged lace tied around her feet.
Sits and hangs.
PRICE:  $64 + shipping in USA only.  PAYPAL.

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