Friday, June 4, 2010

Need YOUR HELP to bring back MORNING GLORY fiberfill stuffing to Walmart Stores!!!

Raggedy Rhondas posted this is on FACEBOOK.

We need everyones support to rally for us doll makers to contact and file a complaint that we need to continue to sell Morning Glory Stuffing in the box, please if everyone on my page would file a complaint and ask them to put it back in the stores we wont loose the great price, I have 3701 friends on my page, Please everyone will you contact and ask them to restore the ordering of Morning Glory stuffing. I just got off the phone with Morning Glory and they agree we need it back in walmart. Please help. File your request for us to bring morning glory stuffing back to walmart.



Dawn said...

I will send a letter to them, they have gone crazy removing so many products so they are only carrying brands they have chosen.
I just had to stop by from Blog you are super talented ! I love your dolls, I am fascinated by them.

Crows Roost Prims said...

Hi Dawn, Thank you for sending a letter. Yes, it's like Wal-mart is getting rid of the "slow mover" for them so they can stock the shelves with "better moving stuff" for a larger profit.
THANKS! - Glad you like my dollies. I have fun creating.

Willow said...

Just found your blog when you joined the Prim Pals forum I co~run
with my pal Debbie.Then I saw this post and I have to totally agree on the stuffing ! It's funny actually because I had JUST asked them last night if they were just out or were they NOT going to carry it anymore and the worker sais she thought they were just out of stock but wasn't sure if or when they would be getting it in again. I wish I would have bought the last 2 boxes last time I was there but I only bought 1 ! Morning Glory was THE BEST stuffing I have EVER used ! No one else in my town carries it. I will also write to Walmart and ask that they bring MG back ! Oh and love your blog. Your work is wonderful. I've signed up to follow you. Hope your having a blessed weekend.
Prim Huggs

Crows Roost Prims said...

hi TJ!
Thanks for writing a letter. You will probably get there "form letter" as so many of us are receiving!
And now someone was told Walmart will be getting it back in their stores but it is going to take awhile (few weeks, or months!)
So I guess we will see!
Prim Hugz,